Sue Desjarlais - Councillor, Town of LaSalle | LaSalle Town Council
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Dedicated Leadership for LaSalle.

Proven Performance

With an excellent attendance record, Sue has proven to be engaged, connected and vocal for LaSalle residents.

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Available & Accessible

Sue responds quickly and efficiently to residents. Whether it's in-person, telephone, email or social media she is easily contacted.

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Sue's Continued Promise

``To do the best job I can for as many residents as possible.``

The Platform

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  • Accountability and responsible spending
  • Maintain our levels of services that residents have come to expect
  • Below cost of inflation


  • Maintain our Community Police Force
  • Important to the residents that they know and are comfortable with our Police Service and Officers
  • Officers know the Town and are dispatched locally for better response times


  • Reaume and Malden intersection a priority
  • Work with the County to improve traffic flow
  • Work on the roundabout at Matchette and Sprucewood for the same reason


  • Work to revitalize LaSalle’s great waterfront
  • Need to develop a plan to promote Front Road as a destination


  • Attract Business – promote all 3 business areas as business destinations
  • Engage businesses to partner with the Town on improvements
  • Promote “We are open for Business in LaSalle”


  • Work with contractors to create affordable housing for seniors and bring new families to the community


  • Maintain LaSalle’s high standards of access for all residents


Continued Education in Municipal Affairs allows me to maintain and update my strong foundations to create plans as a trusted advisor in planning and implementing changes for the Town of LaSalle.

  • AMO –  Annually
    Attending AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario) conference allows me to network and share Best Practices with other Ontario municipalities and meet representatives from different ministries and public corporations. i.e. Canada Post (recognize LaSalle as its own community)
  • PRO Parks and Recreation Ontario
    PRO Parks and Recreation Ontario is another networking, learning experience to share successes and ideas to serve multiple generations with age friendly facilities, programmes and amenities to create an even better LaSalle
  • Fire Chiefs of Ontario
    Learning how other municipalities are dealing with fire issues, including PSTD, equipment options, visited the fire school at the Toronto Airport and had a practical lesson, wearing bunker gear (75 pounds) and how to put out some fire types and use “jaws of life”

  • Community Living Ontario
    Community Living Ontario allows me to meet Ministry Representatives and other Community Living organizations so that I am up-to-date with changes, and learn how to help residents with developmental and/or physical challenges
  • Water/Wastewater Management
    Learning about Water/Wastewater Management so we don’t end up with another Walkerton-type concern and the Drainage Act so I have a better understanding of how it impacts our Municipality
  • Festival and Event Ontario
    How can we make our events even better, networking with other organizers for different ideas, meeting vendors who might help our festivals, keeping up with safety rules


  • Tax increases less than rate of inflation
  • Improvements have been made by adding a light at Wyoming and another on Todd Lane
  • New pedestrian signs on Normandy to help with traffic calming
  • Traffic Master Plan to include cycling, walking trails and sidewalks
  • Front Road Master Plan to create and promote our great waterfront and how to use it best

  • Strawberry Festival continues to be one of the Top 100 Festivals in Ontario
  • Improved:
    • Street lights around Town and lowering some of our energy costs
    • Transit system
    • Splash Pad and accessible playground


  • Strawberry Festival
    Over 15 years of participation
  • John R Park Homestead
    Board member for more than 10 years
    Vice-chair for Board of Directors
  • Rotary Club of Windsor Roseland
    7 years
  • Community Living Essex County
    Volunteer for more than 10 years
    Board member for 6 years
    Currently 1st Vice chair of the Executive Board
  • St. Andrew’s LaSalle Food Bank
    More than 20 years
  • Council Committees past and present:
    Fire, Personnel, Culture & Recreation, Accessibility. ERCA, Water/Wastewater

  • Holy Cross School Community Representative
    4 years
  • LaSalle Stompers Soccer
    Previous involvement as board member
  • St. Andrew’s
    60th Scouting as leader/helper and Group Chair
  • Attend as many community meetings and events as possible to support our town
  • Work with MPs and MPPs
    Regarding Great Lakes issues and clean up
  • Fundraising for Local Healthcare Initiatives:
    • Do Good Divas
    • Hats on for Healthcare
    • Canadian Cancer Society volunteer

In the Community

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